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Week 12
~ Pokey

Well it's official I have gestational diabetes for the second time. I failed two of the four tests. When I found out I was extremely sad because I thought the 60+ pounds I lost over the last two years would have made me have a less complicated pregnancy, but no such luck. The doctor reassured me it was not because of anything I did but more so because once you have it, your odds increase any pregnancy after that. So I get to test my blood sugar before breakfast, after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner. The other night I had to prick my finger 6 times before I got enough blood and I just sat on the couch sobbing. I understand why I have to do it but hate it nonetheless.

I did learn a valuable lesson.... My insurance said it would cover any brand glucose meter so I had pick of the litter. I got a nice small Ultra Touch Mini, and used it for a few days before I ran out of the supplies it came with. Cal being a good husband went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription for the additional supplies and did not bother to question why one of them was $125 instead of my typical $15 co-pay. He calls me at work and tells me the cost at which time I almost pee my pants. Of course I get right on the phone. It turns out they verified the meter with Pacificare but not the supplies with my prescription carrier, and there is only two brands they will cover. Contacted the Endocrinologist and they were nice enough to give me a new meter. Going forward it will only cost $35, big difference. So I had to have the talk with my husband saying if something doesn't seem right don't just pay for it, call me first. Ultimately he would have paid $500 because he knows I need it which is sweet.

Got a box from my dad and step-mom in the mail with our first baby gifts. Got three really cute, tiny uni-sex onsies and a toy. Can't wait until we find out the gender so the shopping can begin. Since Cianna is 8, we are starting from scratch.

The girls are doing fantastic. I am super proud of Jalen and Cheyanne; they both got an award for perfect attendance. That is a big deal once you hit middle school. I was a little upset because we got a letter saying Jalen was getting an award so Cal made it a point to be there. When Cheyanne got home she showed him her award which she received at the assembly right before Jalen's but we did not get a letter. Had we known he would have attended both.

Tiara will be 15 next month and knows everything so she is currently without a cell phone. Honestly sometimes I think it is more punishment for me then it is for her. She sits outside constantly so she can connect to our neighbors WIFI on her IPod Touch, kind of funny when you think about it. They move in about a week so not sure what she will do then . . . lol . . . kids sure are resourceful.

Well that about sums up week 12, hope you are all feeling and doing fantastic.


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