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Week 13
~ Yikes

Week 13 is concluding with not a whole lot of new updates. My blood sugar is kind of all over the place. I am not understanding why it is higher than the 90 they want first thing in the morning when I have not eaten for 12-13 hours . . . I would think it would be low. Other than that I feel ok, am taking lots of naps. It takes a lot of work to grow a baby . . . lol

I have been trying to go on more frequent walks, typically going with Cal and our little dog Max. This past week we went for a walk and something very scary happened. Max is a pound dog, we have had him for a little over a year, and he weighs 17 pounds. They believe he is some type of a spaniel mix but nobody knows for certain. Anyway, we were walking and were on our way home when we crossed by these people walking their dog. Max has big dog syndrome, only because he is little. When we walk by someone with a big dog he will growl and act a bit obnoxious but when we pull on his harness he will go about his business. Well when we passed these people their dog was beyond obnoxious, the owner leaned forward commanding her dog to sit when it got off the leash and before I knew it there was a pit bull trying to attack my little Max. They did not have a collar on their dog, merely looped the leash around his neck, so when she leaned forward telling him to sit it got loose and he escaped. The pit ran over to Max and was trying to sink its teeth into him. She is screaming for her dog who in not listening and I am screaming because my dog is about to be killed. Thankfully Cal had enough sense to lift up Max by his leash which made his harness fall off and he was able to run. He ran, the other dog chased him. Finally the other owner got a leash back on her dog and Max was peeking around this bush like "mom what is going on" . . . very sad. His side was soaking wet from where the dog kept trying to latch on but Max kept getting away, and thank goodness he is ok. I, however, am traumatized. Cal has bought me pepper spray which he now insists I walk with. This whole thing just frustrates me. First of all have a dang collar on your dog or if it going to attack other dogs . . . don't walk it.

The girls are all doing great. Everyone is on summer break so they are going a bit stir crazy. I keep telling them to make plans with their friends but nothing as of yet. They have plenty of friends they just need to make plans.

We are going to a place this next week that specializes in telling the baby's gender as early as 14 weeks. I am hoping they will be able to tell. Hopefully by my next entry, I can share some exciting news.


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