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Week 14
~ Gender . . .

Working at a hospital, this is our fiscal year end which is a very stressful time to all involved. I will be sooooo happy when this week is over. The good news is our department is closed on Friday and Monday which hopefully means I can get some rest.

Onto more exciting stuff . . . We had our ultrasound at 14 weeks and 1 day, and our baby is beautiful. To start with legs were not moving so we could not get a good shot between them. After a few good coughs they came apart and what did we see . . . I saw it before my husband. He was a little slow this day but low and behold there were those two white lines which means . . . IT'S A GIRL!!! I cried to begin with when they showed us because I felt I owe my husband a son, but a miracle is a miracle anyway you look at it. He was thrilled; I guess he had already been reading up on girl names and thought I was crazy for thinking the way I was. It is amazing how much they change week by week, she was actually sucking her thumb, or at least had it in her mouth.

We went out to lunch afterwards and started talking about important business . . . baby names. Our kids don't have your typical names so we couldn't do something like Stephanie or Michelle, not that those are not nice names just not a good fit for our family. I have chosen pretty much everyone's names thus far so I was kind of surprised that after like 20 names Cal came up with one we both love. So our princess's name will be Arianna Janay. After lunch we went shopping and we bought a lot of really cute clothes. I found a stroller/car seat that I loved so we later bought that too. We have always been able to afford our babies but this is the first time we can really afford to go all out; it's kind of nice. Planning ahead definitely helped.

We are beyond ready for school to start. If I have to hear one more time I am bored, I may scream!!!! There is plenty to do, just get off your lazy butt and do it! The joys of parenthood.

Well I hope you are all doing fantastic and are enjoying these nice summer days. Have a safe 4th of July weekend!!


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