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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ I Want Movement . . .

For whatever reason I am extremely paranoid this pregnancy; I honestly think the only thing that is going to make me feel better is if I can feel her move. Hopefully I will begin feeling something in the next few weeks which will provide the reassurance I need.

I went to the doctor and actually met one of the doctors verses the NP I typically see. She was very nice and reassured me that even though my blood sugar is all over the place it is not because I am doing something wrong. She said sometimes there is no rhyme or reason, just to continue monitoring my diet. I had lost four pounds since my last visit so that was exciting. You know, lose it just to put it back on down the road . . . lol . . . My next appointment is on 7/26 which is an ultrasound visit, yeahhhhh.

It has been extremely hot in the city we live in, thank goodness for central air. I am dreading seeing my electric bill but in my mind there is no alternative to be comfortable, although my husband may disagree.

Our 4th of July weekend was nice. I had a four day weekend so I enjoyed those two extra days off work. Unfortunately there was no peace and quiet in my house but nonetheless I was home versus at work. Tiara spent the 4th of July with a friend. Me, Cal and the kids watched the neighbors set off illegal fireworks then drove a few miles up the road to see them. I am deathly afraid of bugs, so leave it to me to be sitting in the van minding my own business and turn to the right and see the world's largest cockroach trying to crawl into my window. I get shivers just thinking about it. Thankfully Cal jumped to rescue!

Not much else to update you on. Hope you all are doing fantastic. I have received a few emails from people wondering if I was open to receiving emails, please feel free to email me; I love meeting new people!


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