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Week 16
~ A Little Something

Well I started to feel little movements here and there, not consistent but a little something. I actually purchased a fetal doppler like the one at the doctor's office for $48 new in the box on eBay. Only after I bought it did I realize it can actually be harmful to the baby if you do it too often, not sure why it did not click ahead of time. It is nice to have though because when I need that extra reassurance I can pull it out right quick and heat her heart beat . . . must admit it is pretty cool.

We have about 21-22 weeks left and I feel like we have so much to get done. I have started bidding on some clothing lots on eBay. They grow so fast that buying all new clothes does not make a whole lot of sense. I have bought actually quite a bit of new items but am going to top it off with my eBay deals.

Cal took Jalen and Cheyanne in for a physical this week. Jalen is 12 and is 5'2" and 92 pounds; Cheyanne who is 11 is 5'4.5" and 114 pounds. These kids are growing so fast it is ridiculous. I think Jalen will be on the short side like me and Cheyanne tall like her daddy.

Tiara turned 15 on the 7th, hard to believe I am the mother of a 15 year old. Can't believe we have both survived this long . . . LOL. The girls always get to pick what we should have for dinner the night of their birthday, whether it be cooked by me or fast food. Tiara happened to have cheer practice the night of her birthday which ended at 8:30 so needless to say we ate very late. She chose one of my pregnancy favorites--Wings n things, so it was well worth the wait. We gave her $80 to spend at the mall, bought her 2 CD's and a cosmetic bag full of mascara, eye liner, foundation, nail polish, etc.... All and all a pretty decent day.

Cianna, my youngest, continues to be the sweetest little girl ever. It was show and tell recently at camp and of all the things she could bring she asked for a copy of one of our ultrasound pictures so she could show everyone her baby sister. She is so excited but having a difficult time understanding we still have a ways to go before she gets here.

Well not much more to report, I hope everyone is feeling fantastic!!


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