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Week 17
~ Teenagers!!!

On the pregnancy front not a whole lot new is going on; I cannot wait until I get my ultrasound on the 26th. I am sure our little girl has grown quite a bit . . . unless I am just getting fatter for no reason, haha. I am still feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things we need to do. Yes I know we still have plenty of time but with me working 45-50 hours a week there are never enough hours in the day.

No on to my title of the week, Teenagers!!! I don't know how many readers of this journal have teenagers but if you do can you please tell me . . . Does it ever get easier? My 15 year old daughter is driving me INSANE!! It is sad because my husband and I never argue with the exception of one thing, my oldest. I have no idea what to do with this child. I have never met a more self-centered person in my life. The sun rises and sets on her. She is so sassy and rude and it is astonishing at times because I don't know where it is coming from. We did not raise her to be this person. I am hopeful it will improve with time but I am just clueless on what to do. Can't take much more away . . . I always said I would never be one on those moms that takes away a sport as punishment because something about that just has never sat well with me but all she has left is cheer. I am not going to keep paying into something that she has not earned to keep. Hopefully it improves before it gets to that point. Raising kids is definitely the most rewarding job but it at times can also be the most challenging. I am going to keep it real and not sugar coat the difficulties of parenting, nothing irritates me more than seeing posts on Facebook about how great all teenagers are . . . anyone that has one knows it is not all great.

Well that is all my ranting for the week, hopefully I will have more to post next week.


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