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Week 18
~ Almost 1/2 Way There

I can feel Aryanna moving a lot now which always brings a smile to my face. Cal still cannot feel it but I look forward to sharing it with him very soon. She clearly has no concept of night and day being most active from 11:00PM to 1ish. Let's hope she learns this concept before birth . . . lol

I bought an erasable white board and listed out everything we need to get done before the baby arrives, and all I can say is WOW. I know we have plenty of time but I tell you time is just slipping away. I plan on working until the very end, since I work at the hospital I will be delivering at. I figure if I was ever to actually go into labor on my own I have a short trip to make. Once she arrives I will take 6-8 weeks off and then maybe some additional time after a few months.

The older girls are all doing good. School starting is getting closer and closer which means I am getting more and more excited to take a few days off . . . haha. I will more than likely take the girls school clothes shopping this weekend. With four girls it is always chaotic but quite interesting. Tiara gets braces put on tomorrow, which should be interesting to see what happens with new braces and cheer. We are thinking Cheyanne will need them also so she will more than likely come very soon. Overall Jalen and Cianna have pretty nice looking teeth so hopefully we can avoid them needing them. The cost of braces after dental insurance is ridiculous.

Not much more to post, my next entry will be all about my ultrasound . . . we are very excited!!

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