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Week 19
~ Still a Girl!!

Had our ultrasound and we are still having a girl . . . big sigh of relief. She was absolutely perfect. It was amazing to see how big she has gotten. She had her hands on or near her face/head for the whole ultrasound. She was not modest at all, spread her legs wide open for the technician to see, and low and behold there were the two white lines indicating girl parts.

Her name has not changed, it will be Aryanna Janae. Aryanna's heart and brain looked perfectly normal and all measurements appeared healthy. Her overall measurements matched to the exact day. The ultrasound tech used to work at City of Hope which is a cancer hospital. She shared our excitement after what our family has been through which made it that much more special. Once she heard this was girl #5 she said thank-you for not being upset with me. My only response was a miracle is a miracle any way you look at it. She told us there are actually people that get angry with her once she tells them the gender, as if she chose it. That is just sad to me. You should be happy with whatever God has blessed you with.

Aryanna was very active on the ultrasound and I am feeling her movements more and more everyday. Cal lays his head on my belly to listen to her wiggle around and every once in a while can feel a little movement. This is such a special time for us and I am absolutely loving it!!

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