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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ Tough Decisions

Saw the doctor as a follow-up to my ultrasound and everything is looking great!! I have never had to go past 37 weeks in a pregnancy so when the doctor said if I keep on this path she may just let me go all the way, I was caught off guard. While I think it would be cool to experience going into labor on my own the thought kind of scares me also. I am happy both the baby and I are doing so good but this was something I never gave much thought to. Ultimately whatever is healthiest for Aryanna is what we want.

So the doctor asked if we have given any thought to if this is going to be our last baby; yet another question I was not ready for. Since I was a little girl I always wanted six kids, granted my vision was three girls and three boys but that number was always six. Cal, I think, would be fine at stopping after this one but I am not 100% sure. That being said I would hate to get my tubes tied and then regret it later. So I pose this question to anyone reading this, did any of you get your tubes tied when you were not 100% sure and later regret it? Cal and I obviously have quite a bit of talking to do but at this moment I have no idea what I want to do.

School starts for Tiara on Monday the 15th . . . YEAHHHHHH!!! The countdown has officially begun. The following Monday Jalen, Cheyanne and Cianna all start. I took the three older girls to the mall for back to school shopping and I have to say $150 each did not go as far as it did last year. It looks like I will be doing some last minute shopping. By the end of our mall excursion I was exhausted and my feet extremely swollen.

I hope everyone is doing well and having as much fun as I am counting down the days until school starts.


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