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Week 22
~ School!!!

School is in!!! The older three girls were all very excited to begin school and have been up, ready, willing and able every morning since it has started. Surprisingly Cianna has been a little hesitant which is very shocking because she is so outgoing. I guess her big concern is that she will be taking lunch and recess at the "big" playground with the fifth graders now that she is in third grade. Due to pregnancy I am already overly emotional, so of course hearing her say this brings tears to my eyes. I am trying to encourage her as much as possible which seems to be helping. She is getting more and more confident each day which is nice to see. It is absolutely unbelievable how crowded all three schools are this year. Kind of sad that the first thing to get cut with budget cuts is education yet there are so many students in each class. For those children that struggle they have little chance to succeed.

On the pregnancy side of things I actually go see my OB tomorrow and cannot wait!! I have been having the worst heart palpitations. I have contemplated going to the ER on several occasions but am always afraid I am overreacting. It will be interesting to get her spin on things. I am sure everything is fine but it will be good to have some reassurance. Aryanna is quite active still; she is one strong little girl.

Not much else to report this week. I have included pictures of the girls. Tiara is the one in the white shirt without writing; she is 15. Jalen is in the gray shirt, and she is 12. Cheyanne is in the white shirt with writing; she is 11. Cianna is obviously the smallest in green and is 8.

Until next time!

Tiara Jalen
Cheyanne Cianna


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