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Week 25
~ We Need Light

Week 25 was full of surprises, some good, some bad and some indifferent . . .

We had a 4D ultrasound and got to see little miss Arianna. She was unwilling to cooperate. She either had her hands blocking her face or her feet in her mouth. The tech tried and tried to get her to move but she was content right where she was. It was pretty cool to see her yawn; she is obviously exhausted sitting in there baking. She weighed in at 1 pound 6 ounces and is measuring exact to her due date. We brought Cianna with us because we did not know if we would be back in time to pick her up, and it was fun to see her reaction to her baby sister.

We live in San Diego so were part of that huge blackout that occurred. It was a strange day in general. I rarely if ever will go out at lunch to get gas because I will try to make it home so Cal can (lol) or will stop on my way home. Well this particular Thursday we were scheduled to have dinner with a vendor after work so I decided to run out at lunch. Thank goodness I did! About 2.5 hours later all the power went out. We waited about 15 minutes before we decided to start sending our staff home. Once everyone was gone we learned the blackout was from Orange County all the way down to Mexico . . . yikes. Obviously dinner was cancelled because the restaurant had no power. I tried and tried to get ahold of Cal to make sure he would get the girls but all the cell phone lines were tied up. Not to mention I was charging my phone when the power went out and it was about to die. There were NO working traffic lights and the freeway was packed. All the way home I tried and tried to get ahold of Cal and was finally able to, he had gotten the girls and was home, big relief. What would typically take me about 30 minutes to get home took nearly 2 hours.

The radio was saying power would be out all night if not for days so I decided it was time to hunt for ice before all our food went bad. Went to Vons and there was about 5 employees outside. I stood and watched them give 2 bags of ice to a man at which time they told me and some other people they were closed and refused to help us but we should try Ralph's across the street. I said a few choice words and went on my way. I then went to Ralph's where they were having pallets of ice delivered and were allowing customers in 2 at a time. We were allowed to buy the necessities which they had lined up in the front. Got some PB&J, bread, water and the 2 bag of ice limit. I stood in line for close to 3 hours but was done at last. Got home and Cal filled the coolers with ice and we loaded them up.

It was close to 90 in the house and that is miserable in itself, add pregnancy to that and oh my word. Periodically I would go sit in the car with the girls in the AC to try and cool off. Finally at 2:15am the power came back on, turned the air on and headed for bed. What a night! Cal and two of the girls made the most of it and had pulled the telescope out earlier in the night and got to see a lot of pretty cool things.

Health wise we are facing some pretty big things with Cal right now and I ask that everyone please keep our family in your prayers while we wait/pray for some good news.

Until next time . . .

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