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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Slowing Down

I think it is safe to say time is officially slowing down . . . I just may be pregnant forever . . . LOL While I am feeling great I just want our baby to be here already. My husband constantly tells me patience is a virtue, but I am not buying it. I am not one that has patience; you would think after all we have been through I would but no such luck.

Aryanna is beyond active. I do not recall any of the other girls moving this much. She can move for what seems like hours, and I am beginning to wonder if she ever sleeps. I know she is a night owl, that is for sure. Cianna loves to feel her baby sister wiggle around and often lays her head on my belly so she can feel her. I am trying to explain to her what it takes to be a good big sister, things like being a leader and being respectful to adults so she is a good role model. For the most part she gets it but every once in a while I will ask her "is that what a big sister acts like?" The older girls take an interest to a point but are pretty consumed with their own lives, typical teen and pre-teens. They understand we are having a baby but I do not think it will fully sink in until she is here.

I am in the midst of a tough decision. I am not very happy with the direction Jalen and Cheyanne's school is going so we went and checked out a charter school. It is a tough decision because I don't want to make a bad one and regret it later. Tough decisions . . .

Well I hope everyone is feeling good and in the best of health.

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