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Week 27
~ Saying Goodbye

It's been a rough couple days/week at our house.

There is a chance Cal's cancer has returned. He has a PET scan tomorrow morning at 6:45; we are praying it was just a fluke thing on the scan but we will soon see. He feels great but the whole unknown factor is killing us. I am not a cryer by any means but hearing this definitely made me a sobbing mess. My poor husband has never seen me cry this much; I am doing much better now thankfully. I figure it is a win win situation . . . why you ask? Whatever this is was not there five months ago when he had a scan so either it is nothing or it was caught very early which means they can react quickly.

I am not sure if I mentioned it in my past entry but a friend Tiara goes to school with passed away. She has been beyond upset; she seems to be adjusting a tad better but I can tell it still tears her up at times. Kids think they are invincible, then something like this happens and it is a sad dose of reality. He was only 16, good student, good football player, all around good kid. His father went to wake him up and he had passed over night. The kids all had lime green shirts made with Kevin's picture that they wore to his service. Driving past the mortuary the day of the service you just saw a sea of kids stretching out to the parking lot because they ran out of room. As a parent I found this to be quite humbling; I cannot imagine the loss of a child nor do I ever hope I experience it.

All that being said, on the pregnancy side of things all is great. Besides some back pain I am feeling pretty good. Although I still have not gained very much weight my belly has gotten quite large. As I have said in every recent entry Aryanna is very active, she continues to be a night owl. I cannot wait to meet her and her to be welcomed by our family.

Until next week . . .

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