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Week 28
~ Baby Shower #1

So as you all know I was totally against having a baby shower, but so glad I did it. We had such a great time. Shannon did an amazing job!! The whole thing of being afraid nobody would show up was out the window after about 5 minutes. Everyone that RSVP'd plus about 5 additional people came which brought it to about 25. I have to say it was actually quite overwhelming because I felt like I should talk to everyone which was next to impossible. Cal came with me, so he and Shannon's husband Dan enjoyed each other's company trying to hide from all the loud women.

Aryanna got so many fantastic things, and I could not possibly be more grateful. One thing I learned from previous pregnancies was I wanted a normal swing in the living room and a portable one for our room so we could have one in both places. We got both at our shower. We got so many cute outfits, blankets, tons of diapers, wipes, a car seat (5-50 lbs), baby wipe warmer, toys, baskets for her changing table shelves, gift cards, etc... it was pretty darn amazing. I am not used to having something be all about me so it was a little awkward but I really had an amazing day. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends. Even out of state family sent gifts for Aryanna which I thought was very thoughtful.

Shannon and Dan are going to be Aryanna's Godparents so I wanted them to have some recognition for the day. My intention was to order these adorable buttons off line but every place I checked only had one in stock. I ended up going to Michael's and bought some buttons, cute glittery paper, letter stickers and scrapbook inserts . . . I made my own. I must say I am by no means a crafty person but they turned out awesome. Everyone loved them! Who knew I had it in me . . . LOL

This shower was an excellent distraction to what is going on with Cal, so in closing I ask that you please continue keeping him in your prayers.

Hope all of you are in good health.

Until next time,

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