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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ Shopping and Basketball

On the pregnancy side of things everything is going well. I am to the point of being extremely uncomfortable. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting up every two hours all night to go to the bathroom. I am convinced we are going to be having another large baby. She continues to be very active and we are starting to be able to tell different body parts depending on the movement. Minus the bathroom part and the back pain this is a great time of pregnancy. It's really a lot of fun to sit and watch my stomach sway from side to side. I think the bigger my belly gets the more real it becomes for the girls.

I finally decided to get off my butt and go spend the gift cards I had gotten at my baby shower. I got a new dresser type organizer for some of Aryanna's clothes, a bathtub, a really cute bouncy/rocker that she can use as a baby and a toddler, 2 packs of burping cloths, a shopping cart cover, some hangers that you can hang both the bottom and tops on and a pregnancy wedge for me. Out of all those things my favorite... the pregnancy wedge. It's a little wedge I can slide under my belly when sleeping/resting which makes everything a tad more level. Used it for the first time yesterday, it helped a lot!!

Cianna is playing basketball for the rec program she attends daily after school. They have games every Saturday. I have to say there is nothing more enjoyable than watching 7 and 8 year olds play basketball. They have the hardest time remembering after half time they go the opposite direction so they spend some time taking shots at the wrong basket. Cianna is adorable of course . . . that girl has no fear. Some of the kids playing for other teams are huge and she has no problems going and stealing the ball. Some of the calls the refs make are ridiculous considering these kids have never played before. It provides a welcomed distraction every weekend though and Cal and I really enjoy watching the comedy.

Well that's it for week 29, I hope you all have a nice week! Thanks for continuing to keep Cal and our family in your prayers.

Until next time . . .

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