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Week 30
~ I Want to Work...

Went to the OB, had a horrible headache so I kind of expected her to tell me my blood pressure was high. She did.... What I was not expecting was her to tell me that bedrest is what she would usually suggest. Being pregnant and overly emotional I was on the verge of crying. As soon as Cal tells her I don't think it's a good idea because if she's home she's just doing to worry more, I full on start sobbing. Of corse she asks why that is and we have to explain they think his cancer may be back and is going to be undergoing a biopsy. She probably thought I was crazy crying the way I was. I can chuckle a little now. She was clearly in shock and had no idea what to say, had me lay on my left side to see if it would go down some which it did so I bought myself a little more time at work. I work at a hospital, there is no safer place to be. Work is really my sanity right now so to lose that would suck!!

We also had an ultrasound done and Aryanna is measuring about a week and a half big. The OB says if they let me go to term we should plan on having a 9-10 pound baby. Who is going to be pushing this kid out again? Being this baby is the only thing we have a little control over right now, we also had our last 4d ultrasound done and she still would not cooperate. Aryanna literally has her head buried in the placenta and will not budge. Her feet are still by her head so every attempt for a picture all we would see is some cute little toes and two very clear hands grabbing her head. Guess she is already wanting to show us we have no control!

All and all we are hanging in there, time is surprisingly flying by right now. Still have quite a bit we need to get done but hopefully in the coming weeks we will have some down time to get it all done.

Hope everyone is feeling well.

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