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Week 31
~ Work Shower

They threw me a baby shower at work and it was absolutely amazing. They had lunch catered; we had lasagna, garlic bread and salad. The building was decorated from roof to floor; they stuck with my nursery theme so everything was decorated in owls. There were bowls of suckers on each table that had been personalized with Aryanna's name. It was just extremely heart warming to see how much time they took to make the day all about me. Very sweet!

I got a diaper genie, few more packages of diapers (size 2 thankfully), she got her first doll, a beautiful blanket made by one of my staff members, an adorable hat knit by one of my staff members, tons more clothes, socks, countless blankets, bibs and a beautiful cross to hang on her nursery wall. I am just so appreciative for everything people have done to make me/Aryanna feel so loved in recent weeks.

I am convinced Aryanna has to have gained at least another pound. My belly is getting so big and hard. At times her movements can actually be painful, I always tell Cal I think one of these days she is going to break through my bladder. I think you can safely say once I have her I will need some bladder repair done; after five babies I think it is time.

Week 32 is going to be a big week four u;, Cal has a biopsy done so we are praying all goes well with that.

Until next time,

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