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Week 33
~ Cancer It Is . . .

Well my title says it all. It looks like Cal has had a relapse of his lymphoma. To quote his Oncologist, it is "suspicious for lymphoma but not definite" . . . I guess it is suspicious enough for them to send us to a transplant doctor next week. We have so many emotions running wild right now it is absolutely ridiculous. I am not an emotional person by any means but holy cow I think this pregnancy has me crying constantly. The preliminary results do lean towards lymphoma but they have sent it for additional testing.

If there is a bright side to this I guess it would be of the two cancers he had, the lymphoma is the better to have a relapse of. I guess shame on us for thinking we would live happily ever after. You know the saying though, second time is a charm so this time we plan on kicking some major butt!! I am a very efficient person and felt I had to tell my OB what was going on because it impacts my pregnancy ultimately . . . blood pressure, etc . . . Knowing I would cry if I told her I decided to type up a letter and fax it to her attention before my appointment the following day. Yes I know a tad impersonal but it's better than breaking down . . . lol. So Cal comes to pick me up for my appointment and we go and the minute she comes in she says "I saw your letter; how are you guys" my eyes start to get all teary, Cal can see that is what is happening and quickly says we are doing good, how bout you . . . Changes the subject real quick, gotta love that man. In my letter I had mentioned we would definitely be doing stem cell harvesting because if there is some off chance Aryanna could help her daddy why wouldn't we at least try. So in a matter of a day she gathered a ton of information for me, very sweet and totally above and beyond the call of duty. We have decided to go with Viacord, it is pretty darn expensive but we will get it all figured out.

We have told the older three kids who are handling it just fine. I think the middle two are worried but they know we will do whatever it takes to get him better. For the time being we are not telling Cianna; her birthday actually just passed and we learned the day before so I did not want to ruin her day.

On the pregnancy side we are chugging along. I am soooooo sleepy, I think I need to take a few days off work just to take a lot of naps. I almost feel like I did the first trimester but probably 2x worse . . . LOL . . . it's all worth it in the end.

Well that all I have to report on for now, until next time . . .

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