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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Glimmer of Hope

On the pregnancy front all is well. I am beyond ready to have this baby. She is so active now days, morning, noon and night. Everything I read says she should be slowing down but she seems to be doing the exact opposite. I have never had another pregnancy where the baby had the hiccups so much; she gets them at least 2-3 times a day. I am assuming she is low because if you feel my pelvic bone you can clearly feel her hiccupping. I feel like a horrible wife because for weeks it seems there has been no intimacy between Cal and I . . . I am just too friggin uncomfortable to move let alone think of anything more than that. Half the time when I get up in the middle of the night I feel like our dog because I get stuck on my back and can't roll over . . . LOL . . . Even with all that being said I am going to miss being pregnant. There is nothing like the bond a mother shares with her unborn baby.

The girls are all doing good. Cianna has one more basketball game next weekend and the season is over. Yesterday at the game her teacher came up to us and told us that a story she wrote was chosen to be read at a special assembly at another school because it was so good. She is such a smart girl. Jalen and Cheyanne are anxiously awaiting their basketball season to start. Tiara is unable to do sports at the current moment because her grades are not the best but hopefully that will soon change. One thing I really work hard to instill in the girls is that education is important and you need it to be successful. I would like to think they listen but only time will tell.

As for Cal, he is doing good. His Oncologist called Friday and said the final test they did came back not matching lymphoma so there is a small chance the preliminary results were wrong and he has some type of mesenteritis. We go meet with the Transplant team tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what they say. We are both just so confused right now and are not sure if we should be happy or if the other foot is about to drop. We just really want to get the wheels rolling so if he does have to have chemo he can get one in before the baby arrives. Who knows maybe we will get lucky and it will indeed be nothing, miracles do happen and we have definitely been praying for one.

Not much more to say. I hope you are all doing fantastic. Until next time . . .

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