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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8
~ Houston We Have a Heartbeat

Went in on Monday for my first official prenatal appointment. Got to have the wonderfully fun pelvic exam done. As if my breasts weren't already sore enough having someone push all over them feeling for lumps was an absolute joy . . . LOL. Cal came with me to my appointment which I absolutely love. Just when I thought she was not going to do an ultrasound she called for the nurse to bring in the machine. Within a few seconds you could see our little blob on the screen; it was an absolute miracle. Cal was glued to the screen almost as much as when basketball is on. Before you knew it we say the little flickering of the heart. We then got to hear the heartbeat, what an amazing sound. For a brief second all my worrying was gone.

I asked the doctor again about the mucus I have been experiencing and she again told me it is nothing to worry about. She says I should only become concerned if it is pink or bright red. I don't ever remember so much information being thrown at us so early on but she went on to tell us about all the testing we could have done. None of it is mandatory but there are tons of tests to choose from. I am fine with doing none but Cal would kind of like to get the Down Syndrome screening. She changed my blood pressure medication and told me I will be considered high risk because of my history with toxemia, PIH, the fact that I am not "thin" and I have had lap band surgery. I should not count on going past 37 weeks which I am perfectly fine with. All and all an informative appointment. Go back in four weeks and get to meet with someone else in the practice.

The kids are all doing good. School is almost out for the summer so they are getting more and more excited with each passing day. They get excited for summer to be here then when it starts they are bored and want to go back to school. Tiara will spend most of her summer doing stuff for cheer. Jalen and Cheyanne will stay up late and sleep in, hang out with their friends at the mall and have Cal chauffer them all over town. Cianna has tons of energy and will be attending some type of a summer camp. She will come home each day but it will still provide her some structure which with her energy level she desperately needs.

Until next time . . .

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