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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Week 9
~ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yet another week has come and gone, could time go any slower? I am finally getting more comfortable with telling people we are expecting. Surprisingly and shockingly we are getting mixed reactions.

I finally came around and told my staff the news; it was killing me not telling them because I knew they would be super excited. I bought these really cute note cards and all different shapes of confetti to put in the cards and wrote a poem that I glued on the inside of the card. The poem read:

We are counting our blessing 2 by 2 but oh no wait
What are we going to do . . .
No longer just 4 we are adding a new bundle of joy to adore.
Excited we are yet scared to death
All we can ask is you pray for the best.
From chemo to diapers who would have thought,
Now how in the world can anyone top that?

Announcing: Baby Morris - Due 12/2011

They were all very supportive and shared my excitement which was a great feeling. I spend enough time at work they are like part of my extended family.

Other people's reactions have gone from 'are you crazy' to being just as excited as Cal and I are. The most shocking reaction was someone on a Cancer Support Group Forum that said we are selfish. Really . . . selfish? Is there a chance Cal could get cancer again, yes, but there is also a chance he can get struck by lightning. I REFUSE to let Cancer rule our lives; we have taken charge and this is what we decided and we could not be more excited for the miracle we have been blessed with.

The girls are all doing fantastic. Tiara is finishing the last week of her Freshmen year. Hard to believe I have a child in high school. Jalen and Cheyanne are both in sixth grade and have a few weeks left. Cianna is in 2nd grade and also has a few weeks left. Not to brag but Cianna is quite the little smarty pants. She is very advanced in reading and writing . . . no I am not saying that just because I am her mother.

Well I am sure you are tired of reading by now, so until next time . . .

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