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Julie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 11
~ Stomach Woes

Fibroid. That is what the doctor says I have in my uterus along with my precious baby. So, instead of a peaceful low intervention pregnancy that we had planned, we will now be monitored via ultrasound to make sure that the baby is the only thing that grows during this pregnancy. We had our first ultrasound at our first prenatal exam this week.

Roller coaster ride would describe this week quite nicely. I have gone from being really ill to feeling fine, to can't get out of bed. Then, the midwife can't tell why my uterus is too large and sends me for an ultrasound. Initially, we thought I might have twins. Now, in a way, I do. Only one is a baby and one is a mass! The midwives still can't tell me if this fibroid will preclude me from a birthing center birth. Apparently, one of the complications of these things is that they can cause severe bleeding at delivery. The other complication is that they can impede the baby's exit route from the womb. Since mine is at the top of the uterus next to the placenta, I am told that is a wonderful place to have one. Yeah, if you HAVE to have one, I guess so.

I have had gastroenteritis this weekend. I have no idea anymore if what I am experiencing is actually pregnancy or illness. However, Tom and Emily are experiencing the same symptoms, so I am inclined to think that I am just more sensitive to the illness because I am pregnant.

So, my next task is figuring out how to keep something in my stomach. I have tried everything. I tried drinking fluids. I even tried those supplemental drinks. That lasted for a day. Then, on the morning of the second day, it all came back up again. This to the tune of poor Emily babbling at my feet trying to figure out what was happening. On to the next attempt.

Next, I tried ginger ale. Works great, but its very short-lived. In fact, it only lasts about as long as you are drinking it. So, after running out of ginger ale, the vomiting was back. Today, I thought I felt fine. I had Cheerios and grapefruit juice for breakfast. Within 5 minutes, the entire thing was down the sink, along with something that really burned coming back up. I was so miserable, I sent Emily to my mother's house so that I could go to bed and sleep.

This evening, I finally wised up. I have been reading suggestions on what to do for the sickness and I went to my local GNC to try it out. We came out with pregnancy tea (containing red raspberry leaf, ginger, peppermint and thistle), fenugreek and B-6 vitamins. I immediately took the fenugreek and B-6. Now, the really funny thing is that I was looking at the fenugreek to help my milk supply. However, I got REALLY intrigued when I read on the label that it's a spice used in the Mediterranean and Asia for upset stomach. Low and behold, about 15 minutes after ingesting this stuff, I felt perfectly normal again. I even managed to eat and ENJOY dinner at a tex-mex restaurant. I thought it was a fluke, but later this evening when the nausea returned, I took another capsule and experienced the same effect! Here's to relief!

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