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Week 14
~ Getting Big

Well, I fired my midwives this week. I have been greatly concerned about my size this pregnancy, and the unusual fetal movements that I have been feeling since I was 10 weeks pregnant. At this point, I am now measuring 20 weeks, which is 6 weeks more than my dates. So, when I called the midwives with my concerns, the first midwife wanted to order another ultrasound and have me come in and see what was going on. I then spoke to the head midwife, who made me feel like I was an ignorant idiot for even being concerned. She informed me that my uterus was only "remembering" where to go, and it's normal to measure a month ahead. Fine and dandy, but I am well over a month ahead in my measurements. She then proceeded to lecture me as to why my mother had no business measuring my fundal height and that I had to come in immediately so that they could measure my fundus, and I could be reassured.

Their offices are an hour and a half away. So, I still don't understand the logic in making me drive so that they could do what mom just did. Her implication was that my mom didn't know what she was doing. Not a likely guess since mom is a doctor and is perfectly familiar with fundal heights, just as much as they were. When she informed me that THEY were my care providers and not my mother, I decided that was no longer the case. I informed them that if I wanted the arrogant, know-it-all attitude, I wouldn't have bothered to drive an hour and a half. After all, we have plenty of arrogant doctors right here where I live.

So, I called another midwifery practice about 40 minutes from here, the opposite direction. I went to them post-partumly after Emily was born. I explained the situation to them, and they were more than willing to pick me up and take care of me from here on out. This means that I have to forego my birthing center birth, but I would rather be treated with dignity and respect than fight for just the birthing center option. Besides, I am now looking back into my homebirth options. I no longer have any idea what exactly is going on. I have had to move into maternity clothes, my fundus is right behind my belly button, and working to grow more. I feel 6 months pregnant and really am starting to get confused as to what is going on this pregnancy. I know two things at this point. This pregnancy is nothing like the other two pregnancies. And, I have an appointment with my new midwives next Thursday.

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