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Week 16
~ Everything is great

We had our ultrasound. Turns out, there is only one baby, but it's huge! It's already measuring a week ahead of my dates, which are completely accurate. Baby looked GREAT. Heartbeat was 148. The ultrasound technician was incredibly thorough. She was astounded that the first ultrasound was so sloppy, but she certainly made up for that in her approach. She took every single measurement three times just to double check everything. She searched high and low to make sure that there really wasn't another baby in there. All the measurements were great, and this baby's bones were so incredibly dense, even the technician commented on them! The best I can describe it is when you take a black light and look at someone's teeth under it. The way they look so brilliant and dense under that light, it was minor compared to how dense and bright this baby's bones were. I really think this kid's bones would show up better on an X-ray than mine would. I have never seen anything quite like it; it was amazing.

Incredibly, when the technician went to check the fibroid that was found last time, there was none there. She looked everywhere, including where we saw it last time. She said she had never seen uterine lining as smooth and healthy looking as mine. There is NO fibroid. Neither she nor the midwife were sure exactly WHAT was on that first ultrasound. There didn't seem to be a good explanation for anything that could be mistaken for a fibroid. The technician was the same one who did my diagnostic testing after giving birth a year and a half ago, and she also re-checked her old films. She said she saw nothing that she missed a year ago either. So, no one is quite sure if I had a fibroid that disappeared, or if there was never really a fibroid to begin with.

We did figure out why I am measuring so big and why I am feeling such strange fetal movements. Not only is this little one BIG, it's laying transverse and fully stretched out. Unlike most babies, who prefer to tuck their arms and legs in, this one is completely stretched out the entire expanse of my uterus. So, for the movement, it really IS hitting both sides of my uterus simultaneously because it is so stretched out. And, the reason I cannot feel movement in the center of the uterus is because the placenta is completely across the midline. So, any normal baby, and the mother would just feel movement much later. But, my kid is transverse (with no apparent reason other than preference) and stretched out, so it can hit the sides the most babies don't reach until much later in the pregnancy.

My mother wanted to know why it is that Tom's babies don't position the way normal babies are supposed to! Emily was a forehead presentation until the last 30 seconds of labor (when she shot out) and this one is taking every inch of space my body will allow it to! I think it's because Tom's babies are as independent minded as their daddy!

So, everything is starting to finally look up. I must admit, the last practice really sent me for a scare there, but it's great to know everything is fine now. Almost as great as finally finding my energy and starting to resume a normal life. Took me a good deal longer than usual this time to reach the calm of second trimester, but I do believe I am FINALLY there! Praise God!

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