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Week 17
~ Baby Clothes

I always feel like such a glutton when I pull out the newborn clothes. I was forced to do it this week. I am not antsy for the baby, but Emily is outgrowing so much, I needed the storage space for her old clothes. So, I figured what the heck. I pulled them all out and washed them. I left the gender specific clothes boxed up since we won't need those until baby is actually born and we know what it is! But, I have 20+ sleepers, a dozen bunting sacks, a least a dozen onesies and more socks than I can actually count. Now, before anyone accuses me of going overboard, I only bought one sleeper, one bunting sack and one bag of socks in my last pregnancy. Everything else comes from the two grandmothers. My mother has young children, and since she is done adopting babies, I get all her clothes as the youngest outgrows them. My mother-in-law has an obsession with shopping.

When I was pregnant with Emily, my mother-in-law decided that I was having a boy. We chose to NOT know the gender of the baby before it was born. We like the surprise, and since we pick a boy and girl name and call the baby by both, we think that is completely sufficient for us. But, Tom's mother had it in her head that Tom couldn't have a daughter. I never could figure out why she thought that, and it never made any sense. I continually warned her that she could be dead wrong and he could have a daughter, forcing her to eat her words. But, she went out and bought an entire boy's wardrobe when I was pregnant. So, not only do I have a ton of gender neutral clothes, I have an entire box of never worn boy clothes for a newborn baby boy. She was so embarrassed when Tom told her we had a daughter. Well, that was, after she quit accusing him of lying and believed that we really DID have a daughter. So, she showed up after the baby was born, and you guessed it, came bearing an entire wardrobe of girl clothes! I actually bought Emily an outfit at 3 months because I was tired of everyone else getting to buy her stuff and not me! It's calmed down some, but mother-in-law always comes with several outfits and toys whenever she sees Emily. I don't even want to think about tackling the boy/girl clothes after this baby is born! Too much stuff.

I have given boxes and boxes of things to Goodwill. And, I am extremely picky with what I keep. Nothing that I find ugly and nothing with stains stays in my drawers. Even so, I still usually do a second elimination of things I am not sure whether I like or not. With all of this, I still have too many clothes, and that is before I consider if anyone buys stuff specifically for this baby. I told my sister-in-law that should she have a baby the same time as me, I have enough clothes to keep two babies well dressed until they are both about 6 months old. I could give more stuff away, but I suspect she will need things in the next year or two, and I have more room for storing than she does. So, I just continue to feel like a glutton whenever I sort through the baby clothes! That is fine by me, I LOVE washing and folding all those little baby clothes. I just can't believe that Emily was once too small for most of it!

If anyone is wondering, we have names picked out. I just never thought about talking about them. If we have a son, he will be named Caleb Thomas. Caleb after the Israeli spy who went into Canaan and trusted God, and Thomas after his daddy. A daughter will be named Victoria Noel. Victoria after my mother and Noel because this baby is quite literally a Christmas baby. So, for now, we call the baby Caleb Tori (Tori being the nickname we have chosen for Victoria). By Christmas, we will know which it is (I hope).

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