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Week 18
~ Preparing Emily

My wonderful mailman keeps delivering packages and packages of maternity clothes right to my front door. So many, in fact, that I am now quite convinced that I went WAY overboard, and they aren't all here yet. It's not like I spent too much money; I spent my budget. Apparently, I was just really good at making my budget stretch a long way by using eBay for buying. I am sure the mailman must really be wondering what on earth has been going on in this house. What can I say? I am pregnant and I can't walk around naked all day. I never had to rely on maternity clothes as much in previous pregnancies, but I was never this large before either. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Emily has learned a new trick. If you ask her where our baby is, she points to my belly and just grins. I am not sure if she really understands, but she does know what babies are. So, I think there is at least some tiny level of comprehension. Everyone tells me I am crazy to think she could possible understand, but I really don't think so. I know she can't possibly fully understand, but she has some idea that something is going on and it involves a baby. Which, as well as I can see, thrills her to no end. She loves babies so much.

Her other favorite past time now is to run into my bedroom and ask me to wind the mobile. She has a chair parked right in front of the cradle and will sit for hours just watching the baby mobile play. I have this feeling that she is going to keep her chair parked in front of that cradle and will soon be watching a baby sleep! Tom has got to fix the door handle so that she doesn't come flying in and wake the poor baby every time it goes to sleep.

I did order a book about a new baby coming yesterday. Its called, "The Day the Teddy Bears Came." I saw it last fall in a catalog, but wasn't pregnant at the time. So, I called the company yesterday, and they were able to track down their last copy of the book for me. They even gave me some recommendations for other books that are good on this subject.

Gosh, wish it were a more exciting week, but not much happened. I got my birthday present from Tom early. Seems he was saving his lunch money for quite awhile and bought me a pearl necklace. I was given one for my 18th birthday by my grandmother that was stolen in college. So, Tom took it upon himself to replace that necklace with a new one. I have no idea how long he was going without lunch, though. But, it was amazing and sweet that he bought it for me. Though, my birthday isn't until August 9th, he was just afraid that he couldn't keep it a secret once he bought it!

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