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Week 19
~ Big Baby?

Well, My stomach popped out again a few nights ago. So, this morning, just for kicks, I figured I would measure my fundal height again. At 19 weeks, I am now measuring 27 cm. HA, that means that in the last month, I gained two weeks of measurement over my already large for date measurements. The recurring thought in my mind is now, just how big WILL I get? I suppose it's a good thing I invested in maternity clothes, but I am now wondering about the very real possibility of outgrowing them! Its not like I have been pigging out; I still haven't gained a single pound in this pregnancy. I am just nothing but uterus.

Tom's mother insists that it must be a boy for me to be so large. I don't exactly trust her "instincts" since she insisted Emily was a boy too. I think she just wants to feel justified for buying another wardrobe of baby boy things this time around again! Of course, she did have one point. If it's a girl, she might feel really awkward cause Emily is so tiny and this kid is anything BUT tiny. True, but since Tom and I are anything but petite, I am more concerned that Emily may be the one who feels out of place in this family. Gosh, never thought I would have a child as small as she is! But, I didn't think I would ever measure this large during a pregnancy either.

We took Emily out to my parents' farm tonight. We have to watch the animals while they are on vacation, and while I simply waddle my rear around and seem way behind Tom, Emily runs after him to see the animals. Tonight, a set of twin goats was born. Emily was so excited that she got to give one of them a big hug. When we went to leave, she ran back and opened the barn door. She just stood there staring into the pasture and watching those babies. She seems to love babies wherever she goes now.

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