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Week 20
~ Setback

I have been sleeping a lot again lately. Seems I have yet another UTI. I had an appointment with the midwife, and discovered that they don't check for white blood cells in the urine. So, I immediately came home and checked myself. I have a LONG history of urinary tract infections and had serious complications when I was pregnant with Emily because of them. I hadn't been showing any signs yet, but figured that I needed to be checked for one, given my history. I keep the testing strips in my bathroom all the time and not just for pregnancy. Sure enough, I had white blood cells in my urine, which is fairly indicative of another infection. So, I called mom and asked her to write me a prescription for Macrobid. She offered to have a urinalysis done, but I figured that was a waste of time, since I just had one done a month ago, and we already know that for some reason, I am susceptible to E.coli strains in my bladder.

Anyway, I figured since I wasn't having symptoms yet, that I probably hadn't had it very long. But, after calling Mom, it took four days to get the antibiotics picked up. Tom was working long hours, one day the pharmacy was already closed, another day we forgot. Anyway, by the time we got the antibiotics in hand, I was symptomatic. On top of that, Macrobid has some nasty side effects in me. Beats the Bactrim that I am allergic to, but it still makes me nauseous, sleepy and whoosy. So, I have now reverted back to being nauseous almost non-stop. I even threw up yesterday morning. And, I can't tell if this recent wave of exhaustion is from the UTI or the antibiotics. But, I am hoping that we caught it early this time. Last pregnancy, it wasn't caught for two months, and I never got rid of it. I was on daily antibiotics until the day I delivered, and then had to go on another, stronger kind for two weeks after giving birth. I also spent a great deal of my last trimester fighting pre-term labor because of the UTI. I always knew when it had gotten worse, I had contractions and started vomiting.

I vowed I would watch it more closely this pregnancy, and that is exactly what I am doing. I am hoping that I caught it quickly enough this time that two weeks of antibiotics will wipe it out, and I won't require the maintenance dose this pregnancy. And, now that I realize the midwife isn't checking for it, I will keep tabs on it myself. Just when I was feeling like my old self again, something else comes along and makes me sick and sleepy all over again. Well, hopefully this is just a temporary setback and I can nip it in the bud.

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