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Week 21
~ Bedrest

I've been ordered to rest. I'm not on strict bedrest, at this point. Sometime during the one hour drive to La Leche League yesterday, I realized that I was feeling crampy. About the point that I started thinking I was going to get my period, it dawned on me that I couldn't "just get my period." I sat in that car and had to remind myself that I was pregnant. At that point I started paying attention. I believe that I had 6-8 contractions in an hour's time. I went on to the meeting, but I decided that if they didn't stop I would head home. I forced myself to drink tons of water. Thankfully, at that point they stopped. But, when I was checked later my cervix was effaced some. Obviously, no one is happy about this. Initially I was put on bedrest. I can now move around provided they do not return. My urine was rechecked and the antibiotics appear to be working. I have also developed a system to assure that I get my 2 liters a day of water. I am under strict orders that if I have even one contraction I am to head straight to the ER. For now things are going fine. I have been very tired and sleeping a lot. Emily and I have spent most of our time cuddled on the couch watching TV. The important part is that Caleb Tori is staying put.

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