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Week 22
~ Vacation

We are going on vacation this week. I decided to take my birthday money and take us camping. Heaven knows, with everything that has been going on, we need the time off. And, since the contractions never returned (so far praise God), I am not currently on bedrest. I have been instructed to take it easy, but that won't stop us from going camping and having fun.

We plan on doing a lot of swimming, reading and simply relaxing all week long. We were supposed to go camping in DC this June. However, University of Maryland messed up Tom's summer financial aid, so we ended up using our vacation funds to pay for his school semester. At that point, we figured we wouldn't get a vacation this year. But, I got more money for my birthday than I expected, so we figured if we did it cheaply we could still take vacation! We are all so excited. Our last vacation was supposed to be to Hilton Head last fall, but we got chased out by Hurricane Floyd.

After the summer we have had, we all need some time to relax and forget about the pressures of life. And, Emily really needs some time for undivided attention from her mommy and daddy. So, we should all have a great deal of fun!!!

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