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Week 23
~ Terrific vacation

We are back from vacation and it was WONDERFUL. We played, read books, swam and just relaxed. There was a wonderful pool at the campground, and we took Emily swimming every single day. She loved it. She has a new float that is supposed to assist her in swimming, and she figured out how to move around all on her own very quickly. So, after that, we were chasing her around the pool as she kept getting away from us.

We went to the Kentucky State Fair for an afternoon. I managed to last all of three hours before I was ready to call it a day and go back to the campground. Tom swears I spent most of those three hours simply sitting, but I know I did quit a bit of walking too. Tom took Emily on several rides, and she thought she was in heaven! She got to drive a car (her favorite pastime) and run an obstacle course. We tried taking her on the carousel, but she refused to sit on the horses. She rode in her daddy's arms instead. We even bought her a box of caramel popcorn. That went over great, until she decided that she was done. She dumped half the box in the exhibition center!

I have to admit, camping when pregnant isn't exactly the smartest thing to do though. Most notably, the night runs to the bathroom became mundane. Fortunately, we were camping really close to the restrooms, so it wasn't that long of a hike. Sometimes, I get very little warning before needing to go to the bathroom. Such times are usually precipitated by someone's foot (or something) taking over the space my bladder rests in. So, running up a hill over and over again got really OLD fast.

The only other problem was the bed we were sleeping on. I never noticed the discomfort of the bed the first night. Probably because I only got two hours of sleep! Between Emily only sleeping from 11 to 4 and a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, Tom and I just didn't get a chance to sleep. After that night, I slept by turning off of the side that was hurting too much. So, I tossed and turned all night long. I have definitely decided to not do anymore camping until after I give birth.

But, all in all, it was a terrific week. Even with a wasp sting and a frantic dash to Wal-Mart for Benadryl (I'm allergic to wasps), the week was a great success. Emily has a terrific time, but got really confused when her Daddy tore down her new home and loaded her in the car. Tom got to rest, and I got to spend time with my family. Now, I know why everyone should have vacations!!!!

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