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Week 25
~ Feeling Better!

It's simply amazing what just a few days of antibiotics can do for a person! I had no idea just how sick I had gotten until I actually started to feel better. I feel so silly for being so down before, but I guess I was just a whole lot sicker than I realized before I discovered the UTI. Of course, I am never the one to remember to check for a UTI. I just feel sick and start to feel sorry for myself. Inevitably, Tom notices and asks me to check and I usually have one. This time, I got so bad, I couldn't even see or think straight anymore.

But, Emily had a wonderful time with her Grammy while I rested, and my antibiotics worked miracles for me. Once I emerged from my haze, I decided to tackle the house again. I figured out that if I wait for my energy to return, it won't happen until long after the baby is born. However, if I pace myself and accomplish little goals each day, I can really get some things accomplished. So, I conquered the living room, the laundry, Emily's room, the dining room and the kitchen. I still have a little bit of laundry to tackle and the bathroom. But, the bathroom is the ONLY room that has been consistently cleaned throughout this pregnancy. In just one week, I have almost completely cleaned this house, even while I felt that I wasn't getting anything done.

Emily must think she got a new mommy in this deal. Every little thing I accomplish, I feel like I am contributing a little more and I feel better all around. I even started to cook again, amazingly. Though, I really had no choice about that one, Tom had just about quit cooking and it was either eat out until I give birth or just cook again.

Emily and I are spending a lot more time playing together now. In fact, Emily has learned a new game. I showed her how to do Eskimo kisses one day and then thought nothing of it again. For days afterward, she kept coming up to me and smashing her face against mine. Usually, she either succeeded in squashing my nose and hurting me or busting my lip. For the life of me, I could NOT figure out what she wanted. She clearly wanted something but I was simply getting annoyed that she was beating me up so thoroughly. I am not even sure how I figured it out, but it dawned on me that she wanted Eskimo kisses. So, now she comes up at least once a day, and I have to hold her head back away from my face so that I can give her Eskimo kisses. She laughs and laughs and goes away happy thinking it's another great session of the game. Really, it's so cute, I wish I had figured out what she wanted before I got my lip busted so many times.

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