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Week 26
~ Non-Stress Test

We had a slight scare this weekend. Baby didn't move for well over 24 hours from Saturday into Sunday. I tried several times Sunday to wake baby up, including consuming sugar and caffeine. Finally, I called the midwife concerned, since its totally unlike this baby to not move for that long of a period. She had us go into the hospital for a non-stress test immediately. We all decided that while things were most likely fine, it was better safe than sorry on this one.

So, we spent Sunday morning on the Labor and Delivery ward hooked up to a fetal monitor. Poor little baby; it really hates ultrasound waves. Apparently, this little one has very sensitive hearing. The midwife is aware of this and is usually extremely brief when checking its heart rate at appointments. But, we spent half an hour hooked up with Tom chasing this baby all over the womb to get its heart rate. But, it certainly woke the baby, and we were able to ascertain that baby had just had a really sleepy spell for 24 hours. I told Tom that I figured baby just had a big growth spurt, and I would probably pop out again soon.

Sure enough, I popped out yesterday and am now having to make trips to the bathroom about every half hour! The worst part about going in was that Tom chased the baby so much with that monitor that he backed the baby into a terrible position. The baby is now pressing on my sacral nerve and my entire groin and inner thighs feel like they are on fire. I started doing pelvic tilts to hopefully encourage the baby to move another direction quickly. I am also sitting Indian style a lot and doing tons of squats. But, until baby decides to move again, I am having some real comfort issues. Sleeping is a pain in the rear rather literally now. Of course, given the trade off, I would rather endure this than question whether the baby is alright or not. Just never anticipated this funny little side effect of an NST.

Other than that, things are going great. Emily has been having so much fun at her Grammy's, my mother wants to arrange more play dates for her. Since she even offered to pick her up and bring her home, I told her to pick any day she wants and she can have her grandbaby for a day. The big kids cater to her so much, and I don't argue with the time to rest that it gives me. It's so funny, Emily bosses my little brother around constantly. Daniel will be three next month, and apparently he thinks it's great to wait on Emily hand and foot. So, they get together and she bosses and he waits!

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