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Week 27
~ Doctor's Appointment

We had our doctor's appointment this week. I had to have my iron levels check and take the diabetes screening test in addition to the regular stuff. We have also moved up to every two weeks now. I got to see the other midwife in the practice this time. She seemed at nice as the first one. But, she went back over a lot of information that I had already covered with the other midwife. I guess they just both want to be familiar with my case. Apparently, even though the head midwife knew about my intentions to homebirth, she hadn't written them in my chart. The midwife seemed very surprised that, given my history, I was looking for a hospital birth. So, I had to explain again that I wasn't looking for a hospital birth. I was looking for good, competent prenatal care and a back-up option should I need to transport from home. Once she understood what was going on, she didn't have any problems. I guess she was just confused initially.

So, anyway, the baby is fine. Heart rate was between 128 and 132 when she checked. I am still measuring big, but it's not as big as it was. I am currently measuring about 30-31 weeks. Baby is posterior and quite large. She didn't tell me anything I didn't know about that, but it was nice to have her confirm it. My hematocrit was fine. My blood sugars were within normal ranges. Though, she was going to let us leave and return to have the blood taken.

Apparently, the hospital called in the middle of my appointment. They had a woman ready to deliver and they couldn't find her OB. So, even though she wasn't even a patient of the midwives, they called and ask the midwife to come over and attend to her. Obviously, that was the end of my time with the midwife! She apologized profusely and ran out as fast as she could. I was so grateful that it wasn't ME in that position. Actually felt pretty bad about that poor woman whose doctor disappeared on her! Since the midwife wasn't there to tell them to let us go and come back, then kept us in a room for an hour waiting to draw my blood for the test.

Everything was fine, but the nurse didn't remember to take my blood pressure until after she drew all the blood. I was getting a bit frustrated. Usually, the medical assistant takes my blood pressure and she doesn't know how to take one properly. So, she always pushes it up higher by letting the cuff sit on my arm for several seconds with too much pressure. It doesn't put me in hypertensive areas. But, I am hypotensive and actually have problems maintaining my blood pressure in pregnancy, and the midwives have not been seeing this because of how it's taken. I was hoping the nurse (who did take my pressure once and did properly, showing that I was hypotensive) would get another accurate reading this time. Well, I shouldn't have worried about it. I knew she got it more accurate when her eyes started bugging out of her head as the needle descended. My blood pressure was 114/50. Obviously, the 114 was because she took all the blood and inflicted pain before taking the reading. But, the 50 is on par with what is normal for me during pregnancy. As I suspected, and I am hoping the midwives caught it at the next visit. Otherwise, I will be adding at least one drink of caffeine a day to increase my blood pressure. It's what I have had to do in the third trimester of all the other pregnancies, so I can easily do it again. Just funny how I avoid it like the plague and then have to intentionally add some to keep me from passing out every time I stand up!

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