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Week 28
~ Moving Right Along

Things seem to be moving right along in this pregnancy. Some days, it seems like everything drags, and then every once in a while I am simply amazed at how fast time is flying this pregnancy. Of course, I would LOVE to just be holding my baby, but I realize that if Caleb/Tori were born right now, I certainly wouldn't be able to hold him/her yet. So, just 12 more weeks to bake and this little one can come out and view the world (as scary as that thought may be). I keep thinking where I was when I was only 12 weeks pregnant, and this last 12 weeks seems so much less daunting than everything did when I was ONLY 12 weeks pregnant.

We have to go this weekend and move Tom's mother and grandmother. His grandmother is getting very old, forgetting things and not able to care for herself as well anymore. So, she and Tom's mother bought a house together, sold both of their houses and are moving in together. It's going to be a very long, but necessary weekend. They actually got a much nicer house than what either of them are currently living in, complete with an In-laws quarters for his grandmother. But, they both have a lifetime of stuff accumulated in their respective houses, and we have only one weekend to get every stitch of it moved! I expect I will certainly need a rest once I return from this weekend.

We had to borrow my parents long range walkie-talkies from their farm for the weekend. Tom's grandmother lives almost three hours from his mother. Tom will be driving the U-Haul, the 24 footer, which is the largest they have AND towing his brother's car on a trailer behind. I have to follow him in our car. But, I do not know the way. I have only been to his grandmother's house twice, and neither time was I driving. So, I simply cannot lose him on the way to his mother's. But, I have to use the bathroom about every 30 minutes now, and I have no idea how to signal him in that monster truck that the pregnant woman has to stop AGAIN. Thankfully, I thought of this and figured it out before we headed out! We are using the walkie-talkies so that I can tell him to find a bathroom whenever I need one. Of course, he wanted to know how much warning I will be giving him to find a place to stop that large truck. Hmm, it just depends on how badly this baby is on my bladder! Sometimes, I have warning minutes before I have to go, and sometimes Caleb/Tori likes to play trampoline and I have seconds, if that to get to the restroom.

So, this should be a very productive, tiring and interesting weekend. Not exactly the wisest thing to do when pregnant, but sure beats the move we made from Chicago when I was pregnant with Emily. As I said, I should really need a nap when we finally make it home again!

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