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Week 29
~ Great News

Tom got a promotion, a pay raise AND an assistant at work this week. Well, he is getting the assistant as soon as he hires someone, but it's being advertised in the paper now. So, we are now in a position that we absolutely will not need me to use my license and pick up some PRN nursing work after the baby is born. That is a great relief, since we were starting to talk about the possibility of me needing to do some night work once the baby was around 6 months old or so. I have been walking on air since we found out exactly how much his raise was yesterday.

As for the pregnancy, things are REALLY starting to move along. Caleb/Tori turned back into an anterior position while we were moving his family this weekend, and I am feeling large but the pain factor is so much less now. I did a little happy dance when baby turned, and Tom cheered it on! I am starting to think about getting things together for the birth now.

We had a midwife's visit today. I mentioned to the receptionist that I would need to get a copy of my records for carrying with me at my next appointment. After that, I will just get the previous visit's records when I leave at each visit. My copy will be one visit short, but it's better than walking around with nothing. Besides, Mom and I both like to review the records before the delivery, just to confirm that there are no risk factors for a homebirth and that nothing was put in the record that I haven't been aware of. I am usually really good about keeping track of what is going on, but I review the chart just in case as well. Then, after I deliver, I put that chart with all my OB records that I keep copies of. It just makes life so much easier for me. I just can't believe that it's time for that already! I guess it shouldn't be such a big surprise, since I have gone to 2-week visits already, but it just doesn't seem like it's time yet.

I started putting together a list of what I need to have done before the birth. Started freezing meals, making my list of supplies for the delivery and evaluating and reevaluating our plans. I still need to write out a birth plan. I need to take that in and have it signed by both midwives at the next visit. I don't expect to need it, but in an emergency transport, things will go easier if I already planned and formalized a birth plan, including contingencies for cesarean delivery as well. So much left to do and I am realizing that I am entering the homestretch here. Gosh, I hope I can get it pulled together before this baby comes. I expect everything will be fine. Only, this time, I intend to have everything in place two weeks before my due date. When Emily was born, I wasn't ready because she was too darn early. I won't make that mistake again.

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