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Week 31
~ Lousy appointment

This week was rather uneventful except it ended with a rather lousy appointment. We got there early, and spent over two hours there. It took an hour to even been seen. The nurse took my blood pressure wrong, as usual. This time, she actually left a red mark on my arm. But, she also pumped up her cuff before she even bothered to put her stethoscope on. So, I got to sit there with my arm suspended in the air, the pressure pumped up to 200mm Hg and wait for her to fumble around with her stethoscope so she could actually take the reading. That REALLY irritated me, mostly because not only did it artificially raise my systolic pressure, it HURT.

Well, I should have known that it was a foreshadow for a bad appointment then and there. About an half hour after she took my blood pressure reading, the woman just non-chalantly walked into the room and asked if I was comfortable sitting on the floor. Well, I wouldn't have been on the floor if I weren't so of course I guess I was. But, she didn't walk back out like I expected her to. Instead, she just sat right down and I noticed that she had my chart in her hands. She started going BACK over my medical history, never having introduced herself at all. Finally, I asked her who she was, as I couldn't quite read her name tag. She was a student nurse midwife. I told her that I didn't feel comfortable with her doing my care, especially alone, and she completely blew me off. I should have flat out refused her, first for being rude and second for not listening when I told her I wanted the regular midwife.

Instead, I spent another hour as she reviewed my entire medical history and gave me inaccurate information. She told me to definitely NOT make out a birth plan because it would guarantee I would have a cesarean section. She kept telling me that I was 33 weeks pregnant, and I never figured out where she got that one. She even wanted to do an internal and check for Group B Strep and chlamydia. I flat out refused that one, believe me. I had to remind HER that GBS cultures are NOT accurate at birth if taken before 36 weeks pregnant and I wasn't 36 weeks pregnant. Now, she should have known that bit of information without my having to remind her since its DIRECTLY related to the field she is entering. Worst of all, she told me to limit my fluids because of my UTI. I laughed at her and told her that would be a wonderful way to deliver next week or so. I couldn't believe she would suggest something so stupid and dangerous! Thankfully, she told me and not someone who didn't know any better. I finally got out of there as fast as I could. Next time, I will simply out right refuse her care and demand to see my midwives. I am too close to the end to need to fool with that nonsense at this stage in the game.

Afterward, we took Emily to a Carmen concert. She had a blast, dancing and jumping to the music. We didn't get home until the middle of the night, but it was well worth it to watch her enjoy herself so very much. Besides, the concert was completely free, so we only had to pay for our dinner and transportation there.

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