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Week 32
~ Getting Ready

I spent the weekend getting some final preparations for the baby done. I sorted through the very last of the newborn baby clothes and got them washed, along with the cradle bedding. It hasn't been washed since Emily moved out of the cradle. While it's certainly clean, I am sure it was dusty as anything. So, I just re-washed everything. Hard to believe we are back to needing to use a second rinse cycle on the baby clothes. It's so very sweet to see those tiny little clothes and realize that soon a little person will be filling them up again!

We rearranged our bedroom too. I knew it would have to be done before the baby came to make everything more user friendly for the baby. But, it was easier for me to get to the bathroom the way that it was before. I finally decided that I am close enough to the end that I need to have the room set up and cleaned before the actual day of the event. So, I told Tom that we would have to do this several weeks ago, and tonight we did. It looks much better, and I can access things in the night better now. We need to add another bedside table for me and a lamp with a low wattage bulb for when I need light to deal with the baby.

I have a few odds and ends still to get, but otherwise we are ready for this baby to come. Well, I still have to buy the birthing supplies. But, for me, that consists of chucks pads, a shower curtain, a bulb syringe and pads for afterward. Mom brings the medical supplies, and she is already busy collecting them. I think that she will actually rent an oxygen tank this time. She intended to last time, but Emily decided to show early. This time, we will have everything ready by 37 weeks. If the baby comes before then, we aren't comfortable with a homebirth anyway, so it won't be an issue. Mom has to bring pitocin, vitamin K, antibiotics, suture materials, cord clamp, lidocaine, her surgical tools for cutting the cord and stitching, sterile gloves and sterile towels. I think that is all she needs. But, she keeps telling me to remind her about the lidocaine. My sister tore and mom had forgotten it. Poor sis got stitched without any pain med injected first and mom doesn't want to repeat that one! Oh forgot, mom needs her doppler and her blood pressure cuff. I have my stethoscope, so she doesn't need to bother and bring her's.

We will have everything set up here at the house, and when I go into labor, we will sterilize everything that needs it by baking it at 150 for an hour. If for some reason this baby comes fast, we will have to boil for 10 minutes instead, but hopefully it won't be a problem. I also decided that unless it's the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning, Tom is going out to buy a bucket of chicken and fixings for everyone. Last time, everyone got hungry and Tom and I had to think about feeding them while I was in labor. This time, I'll just throw that in the fridge and they can help themselves. Besides, my sister-in-law will have to take care of Emily, and Emily will definitely need to EAT at some point.

Now, if this baby would just get here and I could relax and enjoy being a mother again!

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