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Week 33
~ I think I'm Getting Sappy

I would be lying if I completely ignored the fact that I am having problems controlling the UTI again. The infection returned while I was taking Macrobid, so they changed my antibiotics around. They do not know if this will take care of the infection or will only hold it at bay for the two weeks that I take it. They do know that this is the last antibiotic available to me for taking until the baby is born. I am either allergic, the bacteria has proven to be resistant or they are not safe during pregnancy on the other antibiotics that I could take from home. I could receive IV antibiotics, but the consensus seems to be that this course will bring me to 35 weeks, and it would be better to let me deliver at whatever point the UTI worsens after this course of antibiotics. However, as all is being done that can be done on this front, it's not what I want to focus on right now.

I have been thinking about traditions. Perhaps it's the holiday season, but I like traditions and I have been getting really sappy lately. When I got pregnant with Emily, Tom and I decided that we wanted to start some of our own traditions for welcoming a new child into our house. At the time, we didn't have much money, especially since Tom lost his job when I was six months pregnant. However, we went out and found a very special outfit for her that was her very first outfit. I intend to put that outfit in my hope chest and someday give it to her when she is ready to have her own children.

For some reason, I have become the keeper of the keepsakes in my family. I was given about a half dozen heirloom blankets when Emily was born. Several were mine, but I also got several that were not. Obviously, there were way too many blankets for one child, so I decided to let her have one heirloom blanket. Plus, I didn't want this one child getting them all and there be none left for future children. Tom's grandmother then bought Emily a special blanket and she ended up with two. When I moved Emily from the cradle to the crib, she was given the pink Carter's receiving blanket that her great-grandmother bought for her and a quilt. The quilt that she received was once my father's baby quilt. It was one of two identical quilts that were the only two his mother ever made. Actually, she stitched the squares and her mother, Emily's great-great grandmother, fashioned the two quilts.

It was never an intentional tradition, but it ended up that way with Emily, so I thought it would be a great one to continue. I figure when Emily and other babies outgrow their baby blankets, then I can store them in the hope chest with their first baby outfit and everything can wait for them one day. Now, I just have to decide which heirloom blanket Caleb/Tori gets. I was going to give this baby Tom's baby afghan, but someone ripped several holes in it, and I need to repair it properly before I pass it to a child. So, I figured I would go with one of the quilts. I have Tom's baby quilt in the closet, the only one that his grandmother made. I also have two baby quilts that were mine as an infant. One was the only quilt my grandmother made, and the other was the last quilt my great-grandmother ever made. In addition, I am buying this baby an afghan from Land's End as its only Christmas present.

My favorite thing that we do for our babies is the only one we intentionally did. We buy each of our babies a music box before they are born that is their music box. I collect music boxes. Somehow, they just strike me as a window to the soul. I don't even know how many of these I have; I just keep collecting them. So, to give my babies a music box is like giving a part of my soul to them when they enter the world. Maybe it's crazy, but I want my kids to know that something that is so much a part of me was passed on to them before they were even born. When I was pregnant with Emily, we bought her a water globe music box that has a mother and baby panda in it. She still loves for me to wind it up and watch the flakes fall as the music plays. She isn't allowed to touch it or wind it herself, but she adores listening to it play that music.

I am happy to see that we finally completed the tradition this week. When I got pregnant with this baby, all of the good music box shops in the area were closed. They are seasonal in this area, and I got pregnant in April. I have searched for eight months to find a music box that was not only good quality but struck me deep in my heart to give to this baby. Since Christmas is approaching, the shops have opened back up and happily I found one! I found a music box that is fashioned after the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. There is a lighthouse and house in a cliff and a foaming ocean beneath the cliff. In the ocean, and there is a very small water globe that has a pair of arching dolphins. It is so beautiful and for some strange reason, I cried when I got it home and set it up for the baby. I guess I really am sappy these days.

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