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Week 34
~ Preparing Emily

We have had one MAJOR success this week. Awhile ago, some people choose to tell Emily some garbage that really upset her. They informed her that once the new baby came, she would not be wanted/loved or needed anymore and she would need to come live with them because we won't want her. Before she was told that, she was excited about the new baby. However, ever since that time, she hasn't let anyone even mention the baby to her. We used to ask her where our baby was, and she would come running up and pat my stomach. We had several books that dealt with new babies, and they were her favorite books. Well, it all stopped after she was told those horrible things about a month ago now. Tom and I had followed her lead and left things alone. Instead, we have focused on really paying attention to her and giving her the extra love that she was asking for.

After just a week or two of TLC, she was becoming a nice child again. She quit throwing temper tantrums and quit attacking my stomach whenever she was angry. However, she still refused to discuss the new baby for even a moment. Any time I would try to gently bring up the subject, she would get hostile, aggressive and throw temper tantrums again. I was starting to worry that she was going to refuse to let anyone talk about the baby before it was born.

Well, this week, she brought me one of her books to read. It was the one that talks about when the new baby comes (and used to be her favorite). She sat down on my lap and asked me to read it twice. After we read it, I started to gently talk about the baby. I asked her where our baby was, and she quickly pointed to my stomach. Then, I started talking about what would be expected of her as a big sister. I told her things like she would get to kiss the baby and take it home with us. I told her that she would be able to hug Caleb/Tori and that the baby wouldn't have to go home (her biggest disappointment regarding other babies).

Praise the Lord, she started getting excited! Since then, she has been patting my stomach all on her own, and pointing to the things around the house that she now realizes are the baby's things. She has wanted a couple of those things, but I gently remind her that they are Caleb/Tori's and show her where her things are. I realize that the people who told her those things thought that it was only a joke, but it was the worst thing anyone could have said to a child so very little. Thankfully, after a lot of praying and loving on her, she seems to have moved on and is getting excited about the baby. We figure that will last until it can crawl and get into her toys, at which time we will spend the rest of their lives playing referee!

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