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Week 35
~ Frustrating Weekend

I had a very bizarre weekend that culminated with me spending the night at the hospital. I woke up Saturday morning with my nose full of dried blood. Then over the course of the morning, I began to notice quite a few bruises that weren't there when I went to be the night before. After taking my nap, I found even more fresh bruises. So, we called the hospital concerned that something could be VERY wrong with me.

They had me come in for testing immediately. Unfortunately, I didn't have the nurse midwives, as an OB was covering their call for the weekend. While they were running the tests, my blood pressure started to rise, but was still in normal limits, just high for me. I started to swell in my hands and feet. Then, I remember telling Tom that my eyes hurt and for several minutes, I don't remember anything else. Obviously, what was happening fit the bill for pre-eclampsia. So, they kept me overnight to observe me and run even more tests.

As it turned out, all the tests came back fine, including the urine for UTI. I tried to explain to the OB that the reason I wasn't testing positive for a UTI was because my medicines were working, but she decided to take me off the medicine entirely. She wasn't convinced that I EVER had a UTI and refused to listen to what I was telling her. Since the ONLY explanation other than pre-eclampsia that we could come up with was a reaction to the medicine, I opted to not fight her and go off the medicines anyway.

Obviously, two days later, I tested positive for the UTI again, just as I suspected I would. At my appointment this week, the midwives tested me positive for the UTI as well, but opted to do nothing. So, it seems that I will simply carry this UTI until I deliver this baby, an then I can eliminate it with stronger antibiotics. I am simply done fighting over this issue.

Otherwise, the week went great. We had a good appointment with the midwives and they drew more tests, just to make sure that I really was okay after the weekend and that nothing would show up. It was rather funny. The OB sent me home with a prescription for iron, after telling me that I was NOT anemic and my iron levels were fine. I opted to NOT fill the prescription, since it is constipating and I didn't need it. Well, they re-checked my hematocrit while I was at the midwives, and it had risen even higher than it had been when they checked me at the hospital. So, I am glad that I didn't waste my money filling a prescription that wasn't necessary in the first place. The doctor never could tell me WHY she wrote the prescription, nor could anyone else considering that my iron levels were fine all along!

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