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Week 36
~ I'm Ready; I'm NOT; I'm Ready; I'm NOT!

I am so ready to have this baby. Well, at least I thought I was! Then, I started spotting some brown mucous and reality hit. We still don't know if it was my mucous plug or something else, but I do know that I am NOT ready for this baby to come. Though, two days after the spotting, I am more ready than I was then.

I have decided that this baby simply MUST wait until the first week of December. Of course, I am not at all sure Caleb/Tori understands that! After I was spotting, we headed out to get things ready for the arrival. We realized that even if this wasn't it, it could be any day now. Since both of the other babies were early, I don't expect to deliver on my due date this time either, especially since I have a raging UTI already. So, we need to be prepared for something to happen in the next 2-3 weeks.

We cleaned the house almost from top to bottom. The only thing left to clean is the kitchen, but Tom came down sick and my pelvis is killing me, so that is on hold until we feel better. It's also not so very important if I should deliver. We took a little trip to Walmart to get the supplies. There wasn't that much that we needed, but we had to have it on hand anyway. We bought the chucks (waterproof pads for the bed), the maxi pads I will definitely need afterward, shoelaces, and a nasal bulb syringe. We already had the other things we needed. We even made the bed up in preparation, but opted to undo it. We couldn't sleep with the plastic shower curtain underneath us. So, we decided that it would only take a few minutes to re-do the bed when it's time. We have the nice flannel sheets all clean and ready to go, as well as the shower curtain. When the time comes, we will make the bed with the flannel sheets, put on the shower curtain and then put the older sheets on top again.

Mom finally got herself in gear and ordered her supplies. She doesn't HAVE to have them, but she wants them. Of course, if this baby comes before the supplies do, then she will have to do without them. She ordered an emergency OB kit (complete with a cord clamp-the shoelaces are in case the baby beats the supplies), an oxygen tank, a suture kit and I think sterile gloves. She still wants to just give me pitocin after I deliver, but I am adamant that she not do so unless there is a reason. So, she is going to have us pick up a prescription for Ergot to use for 3-5 days after I deliver instead to prevent excessive bleeding. I am okay with that; at least it's not a shot! Also, she now wants peppermint oil. Never has she wanted this before, but apparently, she is concerned that if the baby pressed the urethra just right, it can swell it shut and I would need a catheter. So, she wants the peppermint oil instead because the fumes work as a muscle relaxant and open the urethra up without catheterizing me. Unfortunately, we can't find any. If we can't find it before the baby comes, she will simply have to do without.

The most pressing reason I am not ready for this baby is because I still have to get the Christmas stuff done. I have done the cards, and the decorations around the house (mostly). But, we are supposed to get the Christmas tree next weekend, and do the Christmas shopping for Emily's presents then as well. I also still have to prepare the Hot Chocolate mix for the relatives so that Tom can mail it. I guess if Caleb/Tori refuses to listen, Tom will have to cover most of those things for me. It's not like I can explain to this baby that I'm not ready for it to come out yet. But, I never expected that when the time finally came I would panic and feel so completely unready for this child's arrival!

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