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Week 10
~ Right on Schedule

Week 10! Woo hoo I'm in the double digits! I had my 10 week appointment last Monday, and it went well. I did, however, almost faint when I saw that I've already gained six pounds. Here we go again. I am not going to dwell on my weight because I know it's only temporary and it is for a good cause. I did have a really nice talk about it with my doctor who basically said, since I lost all the weight last time, try not to worry because chances are I'll lose it all again. I like that logic, and I'm going to go with it. (hee hee)

The best part was I got to see our sweet pea again! Granted, this time it was a very short look because apparently (unbeknownst to me) my doctor was on her way to a delivery and was in a huge hurry. It was amazing to see how much my baby has grown just since last month! She said I was measuring right at 10 weeks and said the baby looked great. The picture we saw was of him/her with his/her head down and butt straight up in the "air" so to speak, it was adorable. Definitely looking like a baby now. It is amazing how much you can see on ultrasounds; you can see the "tail" and everything, it's so cool!

I think that is the last time I will be going to the practice I am currently with. My boss just switched insurance companies, and although I could have stayed with my current doctors, I chose to switch to another practice that was recommended to me by three people. The main reason I'm switching is because I do not want to go back to the hospital I went to last time, and the doctors I have now are only affiliated with that particular hospital. I had a really bad experience there, and the nursing staff left much to be desired (that is putting it very mildly!) Actually, before I had even delivered at that hospital I had heard several horror stories about it but I just thought that the people telling the stories were just being over dramatic or being nitpicky about the staff. Turns out everyone was right, so I refuse to go there again. Anyway, the new doctor I'm going to is not only highly recommended, but affiliated with a hospital in Santa Monica that I've heard nothing but great stories about, so I'm really happy. I think our insurance kicks in at the beginning of July, so that would mean my next appointment I have would be with my new doctor.

Other than my appointment this week, nothing really exciting to report. I am however really surprised at my husband. When I was pregnant last time (and even the times before when I miscarried) he came to every appointment with me, even when it meant being late for work (and he is a total workaholic so that's not like him). Well, on Monday my appointment was at 8:30; early I know, and he does work nights, but I still thought he was coming with me, because he had in the past. Anyway, I am getting ready and I see he is still in bed so I asked if he was coming and he said he was too tired and asked if it was okay if he stayed home. I was totally surprised because he knew I was having another ultrasound, and I thought he'd really want to be there, but I said sure, completely expecting that he'd surprise me and show up at the doctor's office a little later. He never did, and I kind of felt sad about that because I felt like he isn't as "into" this pregnancy as the last ones. Of course I brought it up to him later that day and the bottom line is he IS just as excited about this baby as he was about Daisy; it's just he is overworked and completely exhausted. He works until midnight sometimes and Daisy is a total early bird, usually getting up at 6 am (sometimes earlier!) and although we try to be quiet, we usually end up waking Rob up, so he's not getting too much sleep lately. I have since gotten over the fact that maybe he won't be at every single appointment like he was last time. It's just interesting how different this pregnancy is in a lot of respects from the last one. I know he will love this baby as much as he does Daisy; I just have to cut him a little slack.

Well, it's 9:30 pm and I'm exhausted myself! See ya next week. Oh! By the way, to all of you who have emailed me, thank you so much! I'm trying my best, but it may take awhile for me to get back to you.

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