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Week 11
~ Isn't this fun?

As James Brown would say . . . "I feel GOOD!" hee hee!! I can't believe what a difference a week makes! I was taking a walk with Daisy through our neighborhood today and was marvelling at how great I feel these days. I am so happy that the morning sickness has finally ended. I still have moments when it flares up, but it is nowhere near as bad as it was. Gosh just thinking about how nauseous I was scares me! I also have way more energy than I used to, sometimes even staying up until 10pm! Can you imagine? ha ha!

On top of all that, the most exciting thing happened this week! I felt my first baby movement!!! Last week I had thought I had felt the baby but was unsure because it was so faint and very brief, so I sat very still waiting to see if I felt it again, but I didn't. Well on Tuesday I was on the phone with a friend and all of a sudden I felt the "fluttering" movement and it lasted a really long time. I know that feeling from my last pregnancy and I was so surprised I totally blurted, "Oh my God!" to my friend, who of course thought something was wrong, and when I told her, she started laughing (she's been through this twice herself). Ever since then I have felt movement constantly and now it's even gotten to the point where I can feel "poking". I am really surprised because I thought this was way too early to feel the baby, but since I've felt it before I know it is the baby, as opposed to gas which is a lovely bonus symptom of pregnancy. (rolling eyes here) I have to say this is the best part of being pregnant for me. I absolutely love feeling the kicks and rolls, it makes it so much more real to me. I am tearing up just writing this!

Speaking of which, I think I need serious help!!!!! As every pregnant woman knows, your emotions go completely crazy at the most random things. Well . . . last week I was watching the NBA finals, and let me first start off by saying I'm not even a huge basketball fan although I do like watching it, but I don't follow all the teams or know the players names or anything. I just watch it if Rob is watching it, and it is exciting and all but I'm not a fanatic. I was home by myself (Rob was at work) and I was watching it alone because it was the finals, and it turned out to be the last game with the Lakers winning. As soon as all the players started hugging each other I started tearing up, and I'm like "I can't believe it, I'm getting teary over this?!?" Then they showed Shaquille O'Neal and he was totally bawling. Well, I took one look at THAT and started hysterically crying!!! I honestly couldn't stop myself; I was totally crying. Then when I finally got a hold of myself I thought, "I can't believe I'm crying over a basketball game" and then I started hysterically laughing!!! THEN I thought, "I have turned into a crazy woman!" Thank God Rob wasn't home. I'm sure he would've just sat there shaking his head (making sure to keep at least 10 feet between us in case I freaked out and turned my insanity toward him! hee hee!)

Isn't this fun?

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