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Week 12
~ C-Section or VBAC?

Whew!! I am so glad this week is here. It always eases my mind (just a little) when I make it past the first trimester. This week has brought much more energy, and I am happy to say it looks like the morning sickness is gone for good, woo hoo!

I have started wearing maternity clothes and am looking forward to shopping for new ones. I saw that Gap has maternity clothes now, so I will definitely be shopping there for some new stuff. I do have to say, I'm not looking forward to being pregnant during the summer months. It's July now, and I'm already uncomfortable; I can just imagine what I'll feel like at the end of August! It's a good thing I'll be biggest in the winter.

I am trying to figure out what I want to do in terms of having another c-section or trying a VBAC. I have to be honest; I am not one of those women I hear every now and again saying they feel "cheated" out of a "normal" birth by having a c-section. Every birth, whether via c-section, or vaginal is "normal" in my book. I don't feel cheated in the slightest bit. I just look at Daisy and thank God she was born healthy, and the way she was brought into this world doesn't matter one bit to me. In fact, I wanted to have a c-section way before my doctor finally relented. I started asking for it around 4pm and she finally gave the go ahead at 7:30pm. My main concern was Daisy's safety, and with her heartrate dropping every 20 minutes. I just wanted her out of there and safely in my arms. After she was born my doctor said it was a very good thing I didn't get to the point of pushing because the cord was wrapped very tightly around her neck (hence her heart rate dropping so severely). A lot of people are telling me I should try a VBAC, and I am fully aware that this labor and birth could be vastly different than my last one, however I am almost not willing to take that chance. I am still thinking this over. The interesting thing is that a couple of people have told me that if you schedule a c-section, they usually schedule it two weeks before your due date, as they don't want you to go into labor first. That would mean my baby would be born the last week of December. Hmmm . . . is it good or bad to be born so close to Christmas? (I'm thinking good! ha ha)

Well, either way I am going to do some serious research, and I am also going to talk it over with my new doctor at my appointment next week.

I, of course, will let you know what I decide!

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