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Week 14
~ A New Doctor

Yay! What a 180 from last week! I have so much good to news to report, I don't know where to start.

I saw my new doctor this past Monday, and I really love her. She spent over an hour with me discussing my history, past birth experience, and my current birth plan. But the most important part of the whole visit was that I got to hear sweet pea's heartbeat!!!! After the way I had been feeling the previous week, I can't tell you what a complete and utter relief it was to hear that beautiful "woosh, woosh" sound! It was so amazing, and of course I cried like I knew I would. The rate was around 147 and with that I am going to stick my neck out and guess this little one is a boy. I was really surprised at how much slower it sounded than Daisy's did. Daisy's was SO fast and when I heard this one's I was like, "is that too slow?" and she said it was perfect. My doctor let me listen to the heartbeat for a good few minutes (unlike my previous doctor who was always in such a hurry I would get to hear it for about 30 seconds). I never felt rushed at all with my new doctor; she made it seem like she had all the time in the world for me even though there was a lobby full of people waiting for her. I really appreciated that.

Regarding my birth plan . . . we had a very long talk about it, and I came into the office with my mind pretty much made up. Luckily, she didn't object or make me feel that I made the wrong decision (again, my first doctor made me feel like an odd ball for even thinking about choosing this option). Anyway, I have decided to schedule another C-section. I have many reasons why and am very happy with my decision. I went with my instinct on this, as I'm learning to do in other areas of my life, and so far it hasn't steered me wrong. She said that she would like to schedule me at 39 weeks, which would mean I would have the baby the last week of December. She mentioned December 28th as a good date. She did ask what I would like to do if, by chance I went into labor before the 28th, and I said if that happened, I would go for a VBAC, and she thought that was fair. So, it looks like I'll be having this baby a week sooner than I thought! Woo hoo!!!

Also, she scheduled me to come back in three weeks (August 1) instead of four because she wants to do the AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) test and likes to do it around 17 weeks which I will be then. AND, she said she will also do the structural ultrasound at this visit, which means we'll hopefully get to see the gender. Yippee! I'm so excited. I do have to interject one thing here. What is with people who say, "Are you finding out the sex?" and when I say, "yes" they go, "Ohhhh!! Don't do THAT! you'll spoil the surprise!" I just don't get that. I have gotten that comment so many times I can't tell you. With Daisy I didn't get that comment one time! It's so strange. Is it like a new "trend" to not find out the sex or what? Anyway, I now have a reply that seems to get my point across, and what I say is, "regardless of when I find out it's STILL a surprise!" I just think it's funny that people would care so much about it one way or the other. I would never tell someone who was going to wait, "Oh NO!!! You HAVE to find out!! Don't you want to know??" I think people say the most hilarious things to pregnant women (well, sometimes I am not in such a good mood, and don't find these annoying comments funny at all, ha ha!).

Anyway, I don't think I could have asked for a better doctor's visit. I am really sorry Rob wasn't there. Yes, he has yet again missed a doctor's appointment. My doctor even said, "at your next visit, maybe your husband can come, because he really should see the ultrasound" and I said, "He'll be here! You know, he didn't miss ONE visit last time, and this time he has only been to one!" And she started laughing and said, "oh, that's always the way. I rarely see husbands at visits when the couple are having their second, third, etc". I really wish it didn't have to be that way. I keep asking Rob, "don't you care?" and of course he says he does and that it's just hard now that we have Daisy and he's working long hours, but to me actions speak louder than words. I made him PROMISE he wouldn't miss the ultrasound. I also think part of the reason he isn't as "enthused" this time is I think the added responsibility is weighing on his shoulders pretty heavily. He really wants to be able to earn enough so that I can stay home full time, and he has been sending his resume out and interviewing here and there. I have actually been giving him a lot more slack than I thought I would, ha ha!. I guess it's just because I see what a great daddy he is to Daisy and know he'll be the same to sweet pea, and isn't that what's most important?

Til' next week :)

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