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Week 16
~ Lots of Movement

Good news! I didn't combust! Things are moving right along. As I mentioned last time, I'm off of work for 2 weeks for vacation, and as we don't have plans to go anywhere (Rob has to work) I have been kicking back with Daisy and trying to relax as much as possible. However, I am taking a medical transcription class (I really want to be able to work from home after this baby comes), so it hasn't been all relaxation. When Daisy naps, I study, but it's much easier not having to squeeze my studying into my work day.

I do have a complaint though (and you knew I'd have at least one, right? ha ha). I have been waking up with excruciating headaches the past three days. Today's is the worst I've ever had. It's right behind my eyes, and it hurts so bad when I move my eyes in either direction. Also, light seems to be exacerbating it. I have never had a problem with headaches, and this one is so harsh that I'm thinking it could be a migraine. I've literally not moved for the whole afternoon because my head hurts so bad. I'm wondering if the pregnancy hormones have something to do with causing this? Luckily, I have an appointment with my OB in two days so I will definitely ask her about this, and if there is anything I can take with it.

Speaking of which, I am SO excited for Tuesday! I'm having the structural ultrasound and I just cannot wait to find out if this baby is a boy or girl! For me, knowing the gender makes him/her even more real to me. We can also start discussing names again, as I really want to make a choice soon.

After mentioning last week that I haven't been feeling so much movement, the baby has gone a little crazy in that department this week! Today I have felt the most movement I've ever felt; it is so amazing. This is absolutely my favorite part of being pregnant. I'm trying to remember and enjoy all the good this in terms of being pregnant. Rob and I haven't decided on if this will be our last child. I am leaning toward not having any more, but I haven't made up my mind. The one thing I do know is if we have another, it won't be for five years! Although I really love the fact that our children will be so close in age, it is NO picnic being pregnant with a 14 month old climbing all over you! Today was tough with this headache. All I wanted to do was lie down in a dark room and rest, but Daisy wasn't having any of that! She is very rambunctious (as most kids her age are) and has literally been running circles around me all day. Rob made a comment about having another one today, and I'm like, "Can we just get through this pregnancy before we start talking about that??!?!" Yikes. I can't even imagine doing this again! I'll be honest (and you all could probably surmise this without me telling you) . . . I'm not the happiest of pregnant women. I constantly feel like my joints and back are killing me (now my head) and have a list of other ailments that really bother me when I'm preggo (I will spare you that list right now, but rest assured I'll get to all of them by the end of this journal, hee hee!). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom. I just don't like the process of getting there. I cannot wait until December!

Well, hopefully in my next entry I will have let you know if Sweet Pea is a boy (which is what I'm thinking) or a girl (which it probably is because I am always wrong!).

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