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Week 17
~ It's a . . . .

What a week! I won't keep you in suspense;, we found out on Tuesday we're having a . . . BOY!! I can't believe I was right this time!! hee hee. I was so excited the morning of the appointment, and I could barely sleep the night before. I couldn't wait to see him/her. I also decided to take no chances on seeing the "goods", so I took the advice of someone on Stork Club 1 (on the message boards) who told me she ate M&M's before her ultrasound so that the baby would move a lot. Well, there I was sitting in the lobby of the doctor's office at 9:30am eating M&M's (SO nutritious, I know!). As soon as the technician saw the baby she goes, "Wow! this baby is ACTIVE!" and I started laughing and told her that I just ate a whole bunch of M&M's and she cracked up. She asked us if we wanted to know the gender, and when I said, "YES!", she didn't waste one second telling us it was a boy. She said there was "no doubt about it" and zoomed in on his "parts" hee hee. She said he looked perfect and was doing great in there. I was so happy to know he was doing good and thriving and it is just SO amazing seeing his little head, arms, legs, FEET! Oh my gosh, she zoomed in on a foot and it was so adorable!! I could have stayed in that room all day long looking at him. He is so beautiful.

She said that he is measuring a week big, so when I saw my doctor right after the tech was done (she gave us three pictures that I now stare at daily), she told me that I would have another ultrasound next month. If he is still measuring a week big then she is changing my due date to December 31 and then I will actually be scheduled for my C-section a week before that date, which would be December 24th! I can't believe it, Christmas Eve! I think that's kind of neat. I bet, though, that the date might be the 23rd, as I'm not too sure my doctor would want to do surgery on Christmas Eve, but we'll see. Either way, I'll probably be in the hospital on Christmas Day, which doesn't thrill me, but just knowing I'll have my baby will make it all worth it! I'm getting really excited thinking about it.

And if you can believe this, Rob and I have decided on a name, and it was actually pretty painless! We only agreed on two boy names, which were Jack and Nicholas. Well, since the baby will most likely be born around Christmas, guess which name we chose? Yep, Nicholas. Even though I was hoping for a name that wasn't so popular, Nick has always been a favorite of mine. Since I really like honoring family members with the middle name (Daisy's middle name is my mom's. She passed away 2 months before she was born), I mentioned Shannon for the middle name (it's my maiden name), and much to my shock, Rob agreed! I thought it was a nice way of honoring my father who passed away when I was 20. I thought he would say it was a girl's name, but he liked it! Yay!

See ya next week.

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