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Week 21
~ Changing Due Dates

This week was much better than the last one, and pretty eventful! On Tuesday I went for another ultrasound to see if Nicholas is still measuring big. I am so lucky that my doctor is so generous with ultrasounds, and it was wonderful seeing my little Sweet Pea in there kicking away. The tech was showing all of his parts and when she zoomed in on his face she said, "oh, what a cute face!" hee hee! I'm sure she says that to every person, but I still loved hearing it. I asked how he was laying because I have been feeling really low kicks, making me think he was feet down, but he is actually lying transverse (sideways) with his feet dangling low. She said he could turn at any time, though. She also told me he is now measuring a week and a half bigger than his due date. After I had the ultrasound (I got to keep three more photos. If this keeps up Nick is going to have a photo album before he is even born!) I then went in to see my doctor who asked me right away if I was feeling better mentally, and I told her the meds were doing wonders. I feel like my usual self and what is really interesting is that I have more patience now than I have ever had in my life, so that's a bonus! ha ha.

We listened to the heart beat and she said it was a very strong 141 beats per minute, and that everything looks good with the baby. She said that she is going to move my due date to December 31st since Nicholas has measured big two months in a row. I asked if that meant she would do a c-section on Christmas Eve (she had mentioned doing it a week before the due date), saying, "are you REALLY going to want to come into the hospital to do a c-section on Christmas Eve?!?!" (I am using any angle I can to get out of being in the hospital on Christmas Day!) She just started laughing and said, "now, don't you worry about me!" But, it turns out she is going on vacation around the 24th, so she mentioned doing it as early as the 18th. YIKES! I know that is only a few days before the 24th, but it seems so early (can you tell I am not feeling prepared at ALL for Nicholas' arrival?). I would like to let him cook as long as possible, so I may mention to my doctor at my next appointment that I would feel better waiting until the last day possible, and if that means I'm in the hospital during the holiday, so be it. It kind of feels weird scheduling the c-section so much earlier than my original due date of January 7th.

All in all, it was a great appointment and I left liking my doctor even more than I had before. She is just so personable and she shows such genuine concern over me, it's wonderful. I told her I'm not usually so "high maintenance" as I have been this pregnancy, and she said, "Julie, if this is as high maintenance as you get, than you are one of the easiest patients I have ever had!" At my next appointment I have to drink that YUMMY glucose drink (can you sense the sarcasm?) so that they can test me for gestational diabetes.

The rest of the week was spent getting ready for our move. It was a major undertaking, and although I had planned on doing a whole lot of nothing while Rob did all the actual moving, I was surprised at how much packing I ended up doing. It's amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the years, and how we were able to put it all neatly into a small one bedroom apartment! I kept telling everyone, "oh, it'll be easy, how much stuff can we have since we live in such a small place?" Well, apparently a LOT! I am now completely exhausted, but so happy to be in a bigger place. It's a 2 level townhouse in a very nice family oriented neighborhood. Daisy now has her own room and I really look forward to decorating it. I know it will take awhile to get her used to sleeping by herself, though and honestly I'm not looking forward to it; I love co-sleeping, and would continue to do so for awhile longer, except with Nick coming there won't be enough room in our bed. So, we will have him in our bed for a few months and then they will share a room until we buy a house.

As soon as I typed the "sleeping arrangements" described above I started laughing. Knowing Rob and I, it will be me clinging on to one side of the bed, Rob pushed way over on the opposite side, with Daisy and Nicholas sprawled in between us. The thought of that just makes me smile :)

See ya next week.

Pregnancy Week By Week Guide ~ Week 21

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