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Week 24
~ Only Two Complaints

Well, so far so good, regarding not taking the Prozac. It's only been a week and a half, so we'll see. I have noticed that I no longer have the patience of a Saint (bummer! I was hoping I'd retain that trait even after going off the meds . . . ha ha!). However, I'm not nearly as impatient as I was right before I went on the medication; I feel more like my usual self, which is good.

Pregnancy wise I am feeling O.K., but I do have some complaints (complaints?!? ME???? Noooooo!! hee hee!) First off, this happened last time I was pregnant, but not until the very end. My back is absolutely killing me! I think it's a combination of my posture when I have more weight on during pregnancy, and also just the fact that I do have more weight on my body than I normally do. All day today my back just ached. Tonight I am going to take a long bath and then ask Rob to give me a massage (I do have to interject here, that I will be paying to have a professional pregnancy massage in the very near future, as my husband's idea of a massage is to rub my back, or whatever part of my body in need of help, for approximately 1 minute and then say, "feel better?" sigh.) I am also going to start doing some stretching to see if that alleviates some of the pain. It's just that my belly is so large now that the thought of actually getting down on the ground and doing *any* sort of "exercise" tires me out just at the mere thought. Am I pathetic or what?

The other thing that is bothering me, and kind of concerns me as well, is that the incision area of my c-section is starting to hurt. Whenever I cough, sneeze or roll over in bed it feels like my incision area is being pulled and it hurts! It feels similar to when I was first healing from having it done, and I had to put a pillow over the area whenever I needed to sneeze, laugh or cough. It's not as bad as then, but it is kind of disconcerting because I haven't read or heard about this before. Luckily, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I will be bringing this up with her and will see what she says.

Okay, those are my two complaints for this week :) Going on to more happy news, we have gotten one thing done for the kids' room!! We actually finished the bathroom and it is in a "sea theme" (it looks so cute!) . . . originally we were going to do the bedroom in that theme, but Rob brought up a good point the other day, and that is that Daisy LOVES the moon so much and since she is going to be sharing the room with Nicholas, we decided to decorate it in a "Moon, Stars & Clouds" theme for their bedroom. We wanted something gender neutral and that seems perfect. I'm really hoping that my friend's husband can do the painting, because he is an artist and painted an amazing forest scene in their children's bedroom. It all depends on if he has enough time to do it (he is constantly working, so we'll see).

Today a client made me laugh. I hadn't seen him in a couple of months and I saw him in the lobby and stopped and said hi. I asked about his kids (he has 2 boys) and he asked about Daisy and then I said, "she's doing great, she's getting ready to be a big sister" and he says, "huh?" and I said, "I'm pregnant!" and he freaks out, going, "I had NO idea!! when are you due???" I just cracked up because here I am in FULL maternity wear, with my belly sticking out to here and he doesn't realize I'm pregnant! I said to him, "So, Jay did you just think I was getting fat??" and he said he honestly couldn't tell I was pregnant and that he thought I looked the same as usual! Now, I ask you how the heck is that possible?? I don't normally have a belly the size of a volleyball! I walked away wondering if I should be annoyed that he didn't notice something so obvious, or take it as a compliment because he thinks I look the same, ha ha!!

I think I'll go with the compliment :)

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